Yes, they are very professional and prompt with their responses. I am looking into receiving getting my tax back and superannuation through them.
George Turner


Yes, I found them very useful and thorough in terms of payment


Tom went at 1pm today and all is going well.
Thank you so much Chloe, you are a life saver!
Feel free to send more people like Tom over because we can always use them.
Claire – Happy Recruiter


Hi Mhorag
I know we will still stay in touch over the next while, however, I would just like to thank you for all your hard work in getting me sorted during my stay in Australia. Thank you also for always answering my questions politely and quickly.
Kerry - Contractor


Hi Alex,
I finished working at Easter. Sorry I didn't tell you before!
Thank you for all your help with finding me work I really appreciate everything you did.
All the best for the future
Trev - Contractor


Thanks for Mhorag, you have always been so helpful with my enquiries.
I am waiting for confirmation of a temp role with an agency.
If it goes ahead, I'll be in touch.
Thanks again!
Camilla Contractor


Hi Alex and Katie
I have decided to do a bit more travelling before my Visa is up so this will be my last week at work. I have told Louise and the other managers accordingly.
I’d like to thank you both for all the support you have given me in finding me a great jobs in Australia. Will definitely recommend you both to all my friends who are job hunting in the future.
Thanks again


Freespirit has provided an efficient and easy service during my time in Australia.
Sarah, contractor


After nearly 10 years contracting with Freespirit i am resigning !!!
I am giving 4 weeks’ notice as per my contract .
Thanks for all your help in getting my Permanent Residency .
Andrew, contractor


I have already recommended friends to freespirit as they are always polite, helpful and always respond to emails. They also send through payslips via email unlike other agencies I have used.
Many thanks,
Hollie, Contractor


Freespirit and especially Mhorag have always been very prompt and good to me over the last few years, so I'm happy we finally got there. :)
Kind regards


Hey Alessandra,
Just want to say thank you so much for your help in finding me work, have had a great month here, today is my last day.
I fly to New Zealand this weekend.
Anne-Marie, contractor


Hi Alex
Perfect – meeting her at 4:00pm and hopefully get started in the role for Friday.
You’re a star!
Steve, recruiter


Hi Alex,
Claire sounds great, she’s coming in to register this afternoon and will most likely be working on Monday.
I only need 3 more now so really trying to squeeze a few more in so I don’t have to come in on Sunday!
Thanks so much for all that you’re doing, you’ve really picked things up quickly!
Speak soon
Katie, Recruiter


Hi Linda and Alex,
I hope you’re both well?
Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you both for sending James through.
My client loved him and he is starting on Monday.
Thank you so much
Ian, Recruiter


Hi Linda,
I am always writing to you when I need answers or assistance, I don't write to you when everything is fine.
Once again I would like to thank you and freespirit for helping me finding a job, and for answering all my questions.
Best Regards,


Freespirit have been great I will most certainly be referring people to you guy's to use your service, thanks for be a great host. Thanks for the great service!!
Christine, Happy traveller


Yes, I would definitely use freespirit again. I signed up to eleven other agencies - none of which found me work. Where as I had a job within two days of signing up to freespirit. It's also a big bonus having the living away from home allowance factored into my pay and this is not something I would have known how to do myself.


Hi Mhorag and Linda,
Great news on Aisling, she is starting tomorrow for our client.
Nuala met with her this afternoon and she will be starting tomorrow at 9am and it should go for about a month.
We are sooooooooo grateful for your help, we were very desperate!
Joanne, Recruiter


The pay packaging service is great as I was able to keep more of my earned money. The online payslip system is wonderful as is your whole process. No complaints here, only praise!
Songanh, Happy Contractor


Hi Mhorag,
Great news, they would like to interview her on Monday at 10:00am will keep you posted and updated. I think this will be a placement!
Thank you so much for the quick turn around. I have to say for the first time in using your services I am very pleased!
Chantelle, Happy Recruiter


We received a letter in the mail today granting me my visa!!! I just wanted to let you know as I'm not sure if I was meant to receive it or if it was meant to get sent to you but it has been approved!! I can't believe how quickly it came through!
Thank you so much for your help! Let me know if there is anything else I need to do at this point.
Thanks, Sara & Darryl


Hi Linda
I would definitely use freespirit again, I have already referred a couple of people to Freespirit. Once the placement has been set up it has been easy and worked well. I have received my pay accurately and on time, if there were any problems I felt I could get in touch with Freespirit. I also find the email payslips very helpful. I will be returning to Australia in a couple of months and will get in touch with Freespirit once again to see if they have any vacancies.
Abigail, Happy Contractor


Hi Linda
Thanks so much for your help!
Additionally I wanted to let you know; I had an appointment with your competitor and honestly I know you said they are your biggest competitor, I just don't know how, I don't see why at all. Anyone who met with both companies could not disagree. Freespirit is much more personal and was such a better experience. Not to mention how much more effectively can you be as same day job placement! I just thought you should know I am on Team FreeSpirit.
Talk to you soon,
Gina – Happy contractor


Hi Linda
I am going back home to England on 24th Feb so my last day of work is going to be Friday 18th Feb. Just want to thank you for all your help whilst I have been out here, you and your team have made things run very smoothly for me and I appreciate it very much.


Hi Chris,
Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thanks so much for seeing me at such short notice yesterday and also for all your help/expertise.
I will persue this from the UK when I'm home and carry on applying. Thanks again, very kind of you to give up your time.


Hi Mhorag,
Thanks you for letting me know. I have sent the details out to Sigourney in the post. Thank you SO much for you support with these roles, especially with Sigourney. I couldn’t have filled these without your help. :-)
Claire – Happy Recruiter


Hi Linda/ Mhorag
I’m sure that Chris has informed you that my assignment has come to an end. My visa has changed to a more permanent one and I was offered a full time job elsewhere which I could not refuse.
I just wanted to say thanks very much for finding me the position, back in August.


Hi Linda
I am moving on to continue travels so letting you know I am completing my assignment.
I’d definitely use freespirit again and have already recommended it to all of my travel-friends.


Hi Paul
Thanks for getting the tax lodgement sorted for me. I have read and printed off a hard copy of the tax returns for filing.
Please pass on my personal thanks to Isht Deo Dubey and the team.
All the best, Dan - Client


Hey Linda
Unfortunately I will be set to leave Australia. I know that freespirit organised two roles for myself both with 2 different agencies and that I was payrolled direct via free spirit for both these roles.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything that you have done for me in respect of these jobs.
Kind Regards, Darran - Contractor


I had the pleasure of dealing with Chris when applying for my partner visa. I found Chris to be professional and approachable. He took to time to guide me through my visa options and all the information I would need to provide.
Throughout the entire process, Chris provided accurate and relevant support to my application. It is clear to see that Chris takes the time to understand the concerns and priories of his clients. I would recommend Chris to anybody looking for migration assistance, he’s the first person I will always call.
Ian – Happy Recruiter


Linda is a phenomenal asset to any recruitment business. Over the last 12 months she has consistently provided me with 5-Star candidates across a range of industries, including accounting, sales and human resources. In dealing with Linda, I always find her a pleasure. She is efficient and most importantly she saves me a huge amount of time. I have recommended Linda to several colleagues, who have had even greater success thanks to her. When I need qualities candidates I always know Linda is there for me.
Thanks for all your help
Ian – Happy Recruiter


Hi Chris,
Thanks so much for getting back to me with the details. You really are so much more professional and clear with explaining things, clearly you are great at what you do! :)
Cheers Maggie


Hi Mhorag,
I’m very well thank you and I’ve been meaning to write to you and let you know what a fantastic job Linda is doing for me! She has saved my bacon on a number of occasions and without even having met me or taken much of a brief her candidates seem to be spot on!
Looking forward to lunch next week


Cheers Mo!
I’ll look out for your emails! All the girls here at Chatswood are really happy with your level of service.
Keep up the good work!
Best regards,


Hi Linda
I love the new role, love it! It's just perfect; I'd been working in cleaning and call centre jobs for three months...oh and it's in walking distance.
Thank you,


Hi ladies,
Hope you're well.
A dear friend of my sister, (Caroline) is on her way to Oz and she will be looking for employment opportunities here in Sydney. You're all fabulous at FreeSpirit so I though I would pass along Caroline's details to you. I have also included her in this email should you wish to contact her directly.
Caroline will arrive in October. If you could pass her along to your clients or help in anyway it would be much appreciated.


hey Linda!
just wanted to say thanks again for placing me so quick. it's going well and everyone is SO nice! thanks again and hope you're having a good afternoon!


Hi Chris,
Please find a copy of acknowledgement receipt for my defacto student visa application.
I really appreciate your professional assistance and would like to thank FreeSpirit for my four year experience.
Kind Regards


Hi Linda,
Just to let you know, Friday the 3rd of September is my last day here with JPM.
On obtaining my next role I will most certainly go through freespirits payroll system.
Thanks for all your help.


Hi Linda,
I just tried to call you...I was simply calling to let you know that I met with Sally this morning and thought she was gorgeous. Such a delight, we're going to try and get her out into 'Agency Land', worst come's to worse I'll lock her into a temp role on Monday. I'll keep you posted.
Thanks again for your help Linda. You've been great, I really appreciate it.
Rebecca Herbert.
Talent Broker


Hi Mhorag,  
Hope you’re well.
Your new recruit Linda is being very diligent and good with follow up.
My client is looking for strong sales BDM’s – this is for their solar sales team so low base but good commission – do you guys have any strong sellers on your books at present? Can’t believe how quickly the market turned!
Speak soon,