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Business sponsorship and business visas (subclass 457)

Who is this Visa for?

This visa is for overseas employees who have secured skilled employment with an Australian company.

What does this visa allow me to do?

You can live in Australia and work for your sponsoring employer for a period from one day up to four years. Dependent family members can be included in your application.

Basic Requirements

Companies can apply to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to sponsor overseas employees to work in their Australian business. There are three stages to this process: the business sponsorship, nomination and subclass 457 business visa application.

Business sponsorship application

Business sponsorship applications are for:

To become a business sponsor, companies must meet financial, training and other requirements; or in the case of an overseas business sponsorship, meet financial, business objectives and have a commitment to training. Once a business sponsorship application has been lodged, employers are able to lodge an application to nominate the overseas employee's position.


A company must apply to sponsor an overseas employee by nominating their position. The nominated position must:

Once the nomination has been lodged, an application for the overseas employee's subclass 457 temporary business visa can be submitted.

Subclass 457 business visa

In addition to being sponsored by a company, the visa applicant must:

Applicants can include dependent family members in their visa application. This visa is valid from one day up to four years.

Subclass 457 business visa for dependents of sponsored employees

This visa is for eligible dependent family members, including children, de facto partners, same-sex partners, spouses, and other dependent family members to live and work in Australia with an employee sponsored under a subclass 457 business visa. De facto and same sex partners must supply evidence to show they have been living with the sponsored employee for a period of at least six (6) months. You can apply for this visa at the same time as the sponsored employee, or after the sponsored employee's visa has been granted. This visa will be valid until the same end date as the sponsored employee's visa. Once the visa is granted, dependent family members have unrestricted work rights.

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